Here at Pilgrim's Way Ministries we had been searching for a Bible for use on a 7-inch Android tablet or e-book reader that was clear to read and easy to use. Unsatisfied with what is currently out there, we decided to create our own. The result is the Tablet Readers Bible in pdf format.

Unlike other Bible programs for tablets or e-book readers, these are Bible versions that have been stripped down to their basics for reading. No notes (unless needed), just texts. Instead of one massive file, each book is separated into its own individual file. We found that by doing this there was an unexpected benefit: by reading a book individually, without being part of a New Testament or Bible as a whole, each book can be seen much clearer as a book in its own context. The epistles come alive as letters to real people, not simply as a chapter of doctrine. It makes reading the Bible fresh, almost like reading the epistle or book the way that the original readers viewed it.

All Bible versions presented here are in the public domain, or are Creative Commons Zero (which is also public domain). They are free to download. We hope you enjoy this project as much as we do. As a favor to us, and to future potential readers, if you find a formatting error (i.e., a bracket or other symbol out of place, or a break in a sentence that shouldn't be there) please let us know. Please send us an email with the book, chapter and verse where you found it to:

  • King James Version New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
  • New Heart English Bible New Testament
  • Open English Bible New Testament