Pilgrim's Way Ministries can help you by providing an expert resource in the areas of apologetics and the application of Christian life skills.

Pilgrim's Way Ministries has resources which may be outside the ability of a local church, but which are needed to help spur a congregation to greater Christian growth.

This is done by providing churches with multi-media seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.

Pilgrim's Way Ministries can help you by offering premarital relationship training and marital enrichment workshops based on Dr. Dewey's workbook "Before You Marry - A Guidebook for Engaged Couples."

Strengthening marriages is important to this ministry. The material in this workshop is applicable to engaged couples, as well as to the already married who wish to sharpen and build their relationship skills.

Pilgrim's Way Ministries can help you by providing realistic solutions to modern problems. Divorce and remarriage is a reality, and blended or step-families are a common occurance.

The last chapter of "Before You Marry" is also a 'stand alone' presentation About Being a Successful Stepparent. When Dr. Dewey has given this presentation, it has been met with enthusiastic response from those present.

Pilgrim's Way Ministries can help you by providing training for your Church Leadership.

Currently Pilgrim's Way Ministries presents a Bivocational Ministry Leadership Workshop to teach skills needed for organizing and running a successful bivocational ministry or church. Future workshops will include Planning Your Christian Concert and Preaching for the New Minister.

Pilgrim's Way Ministries can help you by demonstrating to your members that their faith is based on solid historical and biblical evidences.

The Bible as the true revelation of God to man is at the heart of Christianity. In our workshop Jesus In The Gospels, based on Dr. Dewey's book The Search for the Biblical Jesus, your congregation will learn that there is solid evidence showing that Jesus is the prophesied Messiah of Israel, and that He knew and admitted that He was deity. Faith will be strengthened as they learn that Jesus was not simply another vagabond preacher, but the Son of God who came to earth on a mission: to save us.

In our special presentation 400 Years of Inspiration -- The King James Bible, you will learn the history of the most enduring of Bible translations and its effects on the English language and culture. Your congregation will also be able to view the original Tyndale, Geneva, King James and other Bible version documents that helped frame this history. For more information on this presentation, click on the link to your left.

Pilgrim's Way Ministries can help you by providing experienced pulpit supply preaching, revival preaching, and special event speaking, such as prayer breakfasts, dinners, retreats, men's groups, or Bible studies.


TO SCHEDULE A SEMINAR, WORKSHOP, OR SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT: Email Pilgrim's Way Ministries at the address at the bottom of the page. Please plan your requests a reasonable time in advance to assure availability.