Over 400 Years of Bible History -- The Museum of the English Bible

Almost 5 years in the making, the Museum of the English Bible is now open! The dream of this museum started in 2011 during the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible - and it was inspired by you, the visitors! (Click the link at the bottom to see the 2011 400th Anniversary Exhibit.)

One of the most common remarks during our KJV exhibit was how helpful a permanent exhibit would be. We agreed, and set to work on making a museum a reality.

The story of the English translation of the Bible is an exciting saga of brave men (and women) who, against incredible odds and persecution, shared a vision of bringing God's word into the language of their country. They loved this Book more than their lives and sacrificed so that we would have the privilege of the Holy Bible in the English tongue.

The Museum of the English Bible displays original pages from the translations of William Tyndale, Martin Luther, Myles Coverdale and many others. Educational and informative, you will see the actual pages as well as learning facts and trivia surrounding them, the English language and the printing process. If you have not seen one of these original pages, this is your opportunity!

Currently, the museum is in the process of moving. The church that has graciously and generously hosted us for the last four years has voted to close, so we are looking for a new home. But this does not mean that we are closed!

The Museum is available for private presentations at your church or organization. The museum has a traveling exhibit that can be the perfect program for your Bible Conference, Mission Conference, Men's or Women's Group meeting, or any time you want a unique, Bible-focused event. Your church or group will receive a presentation on the history and influence of the English Bible, as well as a private viewing of some of our original documents. To schedule an appointment for a private group viewing, call us at (240) 609-8921 (please leave a message), or email at motengbible@gmail.com.

Admission to the Museum is free! A donation to help with our expenses is appreciated in the event of a private group viewing or a private presentation.

If you have questions about the exhibit or about having your own event, please email us with the subject "Museum Question."

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